Why should I join the project?
Your school and/or district uses NWEA MAP to help guide teaching and learning. As such, you bring insight, experience, and opinions that are valuable to this work. This insight into the relationship between data use, instructional decisions, and student learning gains can be valuable, actionable information at the school and district level. We are not conducting this work to evaluate or judge the quality of educators, schools or districts, but rather to understand MAP use to better support students.

Furthermore, the project includes a collaborative knowledge building component known as a learning circle. The learning circle will take an interactive webinar format managed by the research team. This platform will allow the research team to share results, for participants to share and learn from other participants about their practices and challenges and to hear from experts in the field how to strengthen data use in your schools/districts.

Your participation has limited commitments but comes with a lot of benefits!

Professional Development

What will I be asked to do as a project participant?
As a study participant we will establish a partnership to work together on this work that entails you participating in: a survey, an interview and engaging in a case study.

  • Teacher Survey: a brief survey that focuses on beliefs about data use, perceptions of MAP assessment data and reports, instructional decisions, and dimensions of school culture that relates to data use. Participants will be asked to complete this survey in the Fall of 2015 and then again in the 2015-16 school year
  • Interview: the research team will conduct one-on-one interviews with principals and central office personnel that pertains to their professional and educational background, role in the school, experiences with NWEA MAP data and reports and interactions with others who use MAP data. We anticipate conducting interviews during the Fall of 2015.
  • Case Study: after the first year , schools will have the opportunity to participate as case studies. The purpose of the case study is to better understand what day-to-day practices of teachers look like. Serving as a case study site is NOT required for participation in the project. We anticipate this to take place in the Fall of 2016.

How will the research team handle confidentiality?
The research team will make every effort to keep all the information you tell us during the project strictly confidential. Results from the project will be reported primarily at the aggregate level in order to describe the school and school processes. However, evidence supporting claims about the school and its processes will include quotes made by individuals. To protect your confidentiality, we will remove all identifying information of the individuals, schools or districts so that participants cannot be identified from the reported data.

I want to join, what do I do next?

Simply send us an email: sjelenew@udel.edu.

InformationStill have question, please contact us and let us answer them: 

Dr. Joan Buttram 302-831-4434(phone) or jbuttram@udel.edu (email)

Dr. Elizabeth Farley-Ripple 302-831-3117 (phone) or enfr@udel.edu (email)