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Evaluation of Delaware Transition to Teaching Partnership (DT3P)

Joan Buttram, DERDC Project Director & Hilary Mead, Project Staff

Funder: United States Department of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement

This five-year project evaluates a new alternative route to teaching in Delaware. The Delaware Transition to Teaching Partnership (DT3P) aims to recruit, train, support and retain a diverse supply of highly qualified secondary Science, Math, Technology, and English teachers. The project is a partnership between the Delaware Center for Teacher Education, three high-need school districts and two charter schools, and the state Department of Education.

DERDC is evaluating the processes and the outcomes of this new effort, focusing on DT3P’s eight objectives (candidate recruitment, summer institute, university coursework, professional development, coaching, mentoring/induction, candidate placement, financial incentives).

Evaluation activities include document reviews, observation of project activities, interviews and surveys of project staff and participants.  In addition, the outcome evaluation will compare a sample of teachers from the DT3P project versus a group of teachers from UD’s general alternative certification program on two measures of teaching effectiveness (the statewide evaluation system (DPAS II) and the Teacher Performance Assessment).


Evaluation of REAL

Joan Buttram, DERDC Project Director

Funder: National Science Foundation

Two UD School of Education faculty received a new grant to extend earlier NSF-supported work. The first project followed graduates of the elementary teacher education program into their teaching careers to investigate how the UD mathematics preparation makes a difference in the quality of their mathematics teaching knowledge and skills. The additional funding with follow a new cohort of graduates into their first years of teaching, paying close attention to the addition of Common Core State Standards into the mix. Rather than conducting a formal program evaluation, Buttram will join an external advisory committee to provide ongoing guidance and advice to the UD faculty/Principal Investigators.